Alexandra KordosiPsychologist / Psychotherapist (ΜΑ., BSc., Pg.Cert.)

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Curriculum Vitae

Alexandra Kordosi begun her studies in 1998 at the Hellenic British College of Athens and continued her educational training in Great Britain, where she lived for five years. Her first academic degree of a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSc. Hons Psychology) was awarded to her from Middlessex University of London, in 2001. She then took a post-graduate certificate course in Systemic Therapy with Families and Couples at Birkbeck College, in conjunction with the British Institute of Family Therapy (IFT). In addition, she was trained in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling with Adults by following a two-year full-time Masters Degree Program at Regent’s College, London (MA. in Psychotherapy and Counselling) that was accredited and awarded to her by City University in 2005. She became a member of the British Psychological Society / Memb. No: 156537) in 2003 and currently she is a certified Counselling Psychologist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (Memb. No: PYL31698). In parallel to her studies in GB, she has worked for British Mental Health Services with children and adult clients (Kids Company, Daubeney Primary School, Hackney, London) and in non-profit organizations for long-term counselling (Counselling Initiatives: Islington Counselling Project). Returning to Greece in 2005, Alexandra took a one-year full time course in Clinical Psychopathology at the National and Kapodistriac University of Athens, in parallel with a clinical placement at the Womens’ Psychiatric Department for Short-term hospitalization of Aeginition Hospital. She has furthermore trained as a certified Trauma and Grief therapist from Taking Flight International Corporation of Canada.

Moreover, Alexandra Kordosi has worked for various social –care organizations such as Medicine du Monde, ARGO Child, Adolescent and Family Centre, Centre of Art Psychotherapy in Private Psychiatric Practice, as well as in other services for Children (DRO organization). In her work above, she has provided individual, couple’s and family therapy, and has facilitated groups with children of normal population, as well as with children of special needs e.g. children of the autistic spectrum.

She has attended various academic and experiential training workshops on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Interpersonal Relationships, Systemic Family therapy, Psychodynamic and Integrative Psychotherapy, Autism, Art and Play Therapy.

Alexandra Kordosi is currently working in private practice as a counselling psychologist and psychotherapist of integrative orientation, paying special emphasis on the intersublective perspective. She incorporates into her practice a variety of psychotherapeutic methods (Psychodynamic, Systemic, Existential, Transpersonal and Experiential) depending on individual client needs.

Moreover, as a way of ensuring an ethical professional practice, she is in ongoing personal therapy herself and under systematic clinical supervision, provided from certified members of the Association of Greek Psychologists or other recognized bodies. She is committed to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), regularly participating in academic seminars and experiential groups that inform and update her practice in the field of psychotherapy.