Alexandra KordosiCounselling Psychologist / Integrative Psychotherapist (MA., BSc., Pg.Dip.)
British Psychological Society Graduate Member (BPS), Health and Care Professions Council Member (HCPC), International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy Member (IARPP), Under Certification Group Psychotherapist from Yalom Institute (USA).

Psychology For Us


Message of Solidarity

Every year, one out of six of us, will experience a mental health disorder, but only less than half of those who need help, will receive it from a professional. There is minimal funding from the government for mental health and social services. As a result, most people are lacking mental health information and support.

It is important to address the fact that most mental health disorders appear at an age earlier than 15 years old and tend to deteriorate and become chronic, due to the fact that they remain untreated for long periods of time. Mental health professionals and organizations who are sensitive to the variety and complexity of mental health issues, highlight the significance of mental health in relation to human health overall. They insist in increasing awareness and creating a supporting network for people who suffer from mental health problems and disabilities, in order for them to share equal opportunities in life as everyone else (and for not being themselves and their families marginalized and discriminated). People who suffer from mental health problems rightfully demand services and organizations that can cover their treatment and social needs. Unfortunately the systematic decreased funding of appropriate social services and voluntary organizations in the field of social care, have determining consequences in the lives. It is therefore necessary to help and encourage individuals who need help, to make the maximum of the resources that are available to them, despite the financial difficulties that often accompany mental health problems.